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Cost of living in Greece
Greece is not as expensive as other European countries. However, the days when Greece was on of the cheapest destinations in Europe are long gone. In the sixties and seventies when the currency exchange rate and prices in Greece were favorable to travelers from Western Europe and the US, Greece was a favorite destination for budget-conscious tourists. Prices in Greece vary from place to place, but this guide should give you a good idea of what to expect if you are planning to travel to Greece. Visitors should be aware that many ‘antiques' sold to tourists are fake; it is illegal to export any item of real antiquity without a special permit from the Export Department of the Mini
Not to miss in Greece
Explore Athens. Begin with the Acropolis rock, home to the fifth-century BC Parthenon, then stroll down to the Ancient Agora, once Athens' civic, political and commercial centre. Don't miss the world-class National Archaeological Museum, packed with ancient marble statues, jewellery and ceramics. • Discover Delphi, believed by the ancients to be the centre of the world. This fascinating pagan religious complex, set on a stunning hillside site, comprises classical temples, a theatre and a stadium. Numerous finds are displayed in the excellent Delphi Archaeological Museum. • Admire the former city-state of ancient Corinth, once renowned for wealth, elegance and immorality. Exp

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