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Accommodation in Greece
ROOMS TO RENT IN GREECE FINDING ROOMS FOR RENT CAN BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND CHALLENGING PART OF HOLIDAY PLANNING. A CLEAN, COMFORTABLE ROOM, EXACTLY AT THE LOCATION YOU WANT IS THE FIRST WORRY OF EVERY VACATIONER. Finding such rooms from afar can be a challenge when you often have very little information about the building, the owners, and the relative distance from the surrounding area. Rental rooms (or Rooms to Let) in Greece can be obtained through either a Travel agent, or through direct contact. Often vacationers just travel to their destination and spend some time looking around for a place to stay. We recommend rent before arrival The advantage of renting before
Apartments and hotels
Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.  Annually it welcomes more than 14 million tourists, a figure that places it in the 15th position on the World Tourism Organisation list of countries with inbound tourism (according to WTO data). Today Greece’s accommodation potential numbers 670,000 beds, distributed over 352,000 rooms in approximately 8,900 hotel units. Οn most of the Greek islands and mainland Greece, visitors can also find accommodation in private houses (rooms to let) which are operating under the special seal of the Greek National Tourism Organisation. Moreover, there are more than 340 campings all over the country, offering 30,000

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